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Q: Can you give an online estimation?

A: I may give you an online estimation based on your description. However, in order to provide you an accurate quote, I need to visit your property. I need to take measurements and take a look at the condition of the house. A written quote will be mailed to you free of charge and the quoted price will be secured and valid for 2 months.


Q: Are there hidden costs?

A: Abosultely not. The quoted price is what you will pay for the works laid out in the quote. There are circumstances in which that as we are painting, we may find existing defects such as rotten weatherboards/gib boards that require urgent attention. Leaving them untreated not only causes bigger problems in the future, it also ruins freshly painted surfaces. You are welcome to call builders in. Or we can do it for you in a very competitive rate. We will ask your permission before taking any actions.  Works we do that is not initially listed in the quote will be charged as extra.


Q: Can I choose when my house gets painted?

A: It depends on our workload, we may work on your property at the time you wish, or you may need to be in a queue. We will discuss the possibilities and keep you updated.


Q:  Can I use my own paint?

A: Most certainly.


Q:  What is the best way to find you?

A:  You can call Jack at 0800 200 084, email us at, or text us at 021 034 3120.  Jack may not answer your phone especially during the day as he often works on a scaffold. You are very welcome to call him after hours.



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