Exterior Painting

  • Exterior Walls

  • Exterior Window Frames

  • Doors

  • Soffit Boards

  • Fiscia Boards

  • Fence

  • Deck

Our Work List

You May Expect

  • Discuss your plans and goals.

  • Water-blast the house.

  • Mold removal and rust treatment.

  • Scrape loose paint. At the same time, inspect any damaged area that requir repairs and report to the owner.  

  • Assess if paint stripping is needed and report to the owner.

  • Sand and apply undercoat.

  • Gap filling and patch filling as appropriate.

  •  Sand and apply top coats.

  • Final inspection and clean

  • You may need a builder if any wall damages is large and serious. You may need scaffolding service if your property is two-story and higher.  Don't worry, we can help you sorting things out.

  • Decide colours. 

  • Inspect often and communicate with us your thoughts.

  • Keep your family and pets safe.

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